Patriarchy vs Matriarchy
     Matriarchal Age
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    Back in the old societies it was not to be that women would run the household and the have a place in society except being the wife of the man. Back when the societies were primitive, there were these rules that the patriarchal society had against the matriarchal society. Their rules were that they the patriarchs were against all women, against nature, animals and they were against the taboos about legitimate sex. The matriarchs fought back saying that men were not the rightful representatives of the planet and that they believed that Matriarchy should be restored and that in turn will bring bout happiness and peace to earth. They also thought that Matriarchy was the religion of what they called the feminine divine but the spirits can be either male or female. They believed that the men were the minorities in societies and that Satan controlled the minority of men and that the men were sent there to bring disaster to the world. The Matriarchal society believed that the patriarchs will bring violence such as murder, rape and discrimination and cruelty. They also believed that the patriarchs work through the government, religions and big business in order to ruin the planet. They believe patriarchy was a religion that was formed by men and they were aligning with the satanic forces. They also claim that Stan knew men were evil and that by placing them in power they could bring about the end of the matriarchs. They do believe that once Matriarchy is restored there will be peace and love spread around the world. Order will be restored and all will be right with the world.
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